Apothecary is a design for a board game that satirizes big pharma. As a player you must decide to either profit from the sick or cure diseases to win the game.

Thesis Prototype 2 (web)

Community + Story

“Commnity + Story” investigates how a group of individuals interpret and understand a narrative. The packaging is designed to engage the viewer through expressive directions and colors. A participatory project that resulted in small model ...

LTU Flyer 4 (web)

Lawrence Tech

Stain Card Grid 3 (web)


Black & White Poster (web)


R&R Logo (web)

Brand Identity & Logos


RGB Robot

Eastern Market Meals 1 (web)

Eastern Market Meals

A scavenger hunt based around shopping for ingredients in Detroit’s Eastern Market. The graphics denote what portion of each food group the recipe fulfills while also supplying a map and space for notes.

Prism 2010 1 (web)

Prism 2010 Cover

Prism is a student publication exhibiting art, design, and creative writing from students at Lawrence Technological University. There are 10 titles and 20 vertical gradations on the front and back.


Our House at Home

Through mixing typologies “Our House at Home” speaks to a new language about the home as a micro-environment in a more mobile, more connected world. Utilizing known architectural elements this work explores how different levels ...

DF 1

Domestic Frames

“Domestic Frames” investigates under utilized spaces and activates these zones through specialization and display. Using different levels of interaction each piece can live either on the wall or the floor allowing for different interpretations of ...

JSW 5 - web


During a three day workshop with Jerszy Seymour at Cranbrook Academy of Art. My team designed and performed “Factory”. The project focused around the creation of non-objects by focusing on choreography and actions. The performance ...

AE 8 - web

Alter Ego Chair

The “Alter Ego Chair” was the result of a 36 hour workshop with London based designer Martino Gamper. The workshop focused on each individual embodying an alter ego designer and designing a chair in character. ...


Yellow Desk

Using known vernaculars Yellow Desk abstracts what is required in a modern desk utilizing small cues to speak of traditional furniture. The desk is constructed of soft maple with a yellow wash stain applied to ...

30 Days of Mike 1 (web)

30 Days of Mike

30 Days of Mike is a visual journal documenting an event from each day of the month. Each page is hand illustrated and portrays a range of events like eating eggs and bacon to being ...


Electrical Tape Basket

This basket was made by wrapping a plywood mold with 1000 feet of electrical tape. When the basket was released from the mold the tension in the electrical tape started to collapse the sides.

MC 1

Maria’s Comida

This project is a design for a menu and take out box for Maria’s Comida in Hamtramck, Michigan. The menu is a slotted board that allows the restaurant to customize and add new menu items without reprinting.


Shredded Paper Chair

Using shredded mail, magazines, newspapers, and cardboard packages this chair focuses on elevating discarded print materials to a new level. The shredded shell simply rests inside the cherry frame. Both components are reliant on the other ...



“Stackables” is a shelving project that looks at the spaces between storage. Objects placed inside the boxes become highlighted and special while objects placed on the surfaces become temporary and active. Each unit is a ...


Blue Frame Side Table

“Blue Frame” is a side table that abstracts a side table and allows for minimal surface storage. What is actually needed of a side table… temporary storage. Constructed of ash with a blue stain and ...


Alcove Chair

During a year long collaboration between Herman Miller and Cranbrook Academy of Art I designed, fabricated a prototype, and exhibited the “Alcove Chair” at ICFF 2012. This project focuses on rest and concentration in the ...